Braids V1.8 Firmware updating. please help

Hello… My first post to the group… I’ve been into Euro Modular for almost 7 years now. I now have a very large system which includes 7 MI modules (just added Beads).

I cannot get Braids to accept the V1.8 wav file. No matter what I do, I get the “QSYN” message as soon as the file starts to play. I am following the update procedure to the letter. Here’s what I did…

  1. Power-up braids with encoder pressed, “RDY”, plugged in the cable directly from the headphone output on my laptop to the FM input on Braids. Play the wav file (Windows media player, volume on full, laptop volume on full.) “QSYN” as soon as the file starts playing. Press the encoder again, back to “RDY” to try again, and again, and again…

  2. I thought maybe I’m not getting enough level… Connected laptop output to a line to euro module to boost the level and monitored with an O-Scope… Tried again, very many times, very many different levels… no good.

  3. I read a past post where it was suggested that a power supply issue could cause this to happen. I doubted this very much as my system draws about 8 amps at +12v and it’s run on a 30amp linear supply so there’s no inrush issues or other such nonsense. Just the same, I removed Braids from my system, placed it in a completely empty rack, all by itself, tried again, multiple times… no joy.

So where does this leave me? I’m concerned about this because besides wanting to update from V1.7 to V1.8, I have a Clouds That’s I’d love to try some alternate firmware on. I’m hoping to find a solution.

Could the actual file be corrupt?

Thank you.

Glenn Fin

i‘ve had similar issues with some modules when trying to update from a notebook. i would try playing the update wav from a different device. playing it from my ipad has always worked for me.

I’ll try and play it on my Zoom recorder If I can get that file format to load.
… don’t have any Apple devices.

yes, a zoom recorder should be able to play back wav files.
or you could try your phone - doesn‘t have to be an iphone. but be sure to deactivate any notification sounds.

Well, after converting the mono wav file to a stereo wav file in Audacity, (couldn’t get the Zoom to accept an imported mono wave file) playing one channel from my Zoom directly into the Braids worked!. Had to juice up the level and give it a second try but we now have V1.8 joy!. Still puzzled why my laptop didn’t work…

Thanks for the help everyone… Maybe I’ll try some of that alternate firmware now that I know what works.

wow, maybe next time just try your phone. :wink:

but i‘m glad it worked. :+1:

I would have tried my phone if I had a 4cond cable which is what the Android needs but, hey, it worked… I just have to remember to put it in my little reminder notebook so I can remember what I did a year from now… :grinning: