Braids V/oct input, Coarse offset etc. question

what sort of voltages are expected in the V/oct input ? Is it bipolar, with the Coarse + Fine as the center ? What are the limits of the emitted pitch ?

thanks !

The COARSE knob adds an offset between 0V and 8V to the V/Oct input. The frequency CV acquisition circuitry can sense a voltage between 0 and 10V.


With COARSE in medium position, the V/Oct input can go between -4V and +6V. With COARSE in maximum position, the V/Oct input can go between -8V and +2V. With COARSE in minimum position, the V/Oct input can go between 0V and +10V.

Output pitch is clamped to about 13kHz, though aliasing might appear before that limit!

Well, i sorted out. i am driving it from max/MSP and ES-3 and it appeared that i had an offset that made me confused.
i am still a bit confused about the OCTAVE setting, COARSE knob, their relation to incoming voltage and the highest pitch possible. Anyway, no big deal, i got it working.

Ha ! thanks !
You’re so fast to answer !

So it means that if i drive Braids with my ES-3 sending voltages between 0 and 10V, i’d better turn the COARSE knob in minimum position, that’s right ?

Well, with the COARSE at minimum it should make the same pitch but 4 octaves down the center position, but it’s not.
Anyway, sending 0-10V with COARSE at noon and OCTAVE setting at -1, i feel like covering a nice and musically useful area.

The OCTAVE setting operates in the digital domain, so the V/OCT input range is not modified. There’s still the limit at 13kHz though.

Great, thanks.

And last but not least: the fine tune and FM inputs are on a separate ADC channel, so they do not interfere with the V/OCT range. The FM input can sense up to +/- 5V.