Braids - v/oct / course and fine frequency not working

Hi there, really weird.

Braids course / fine frequency knobs are not doing anything.
v/oct is not doing anything

I just get a constant pitch

its a factory module version 1.8 firmware.

I tried callibrating but no change.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


CHecked the diagnostic pages:-
RANG = free
OCTV - changing this changes the pitch as you would expect.

the "0000"cv in tester seems to be working ok - the 3rd “0” is tracking when i change the v/oct input.

A but stumped.

What you describe is usually what happens when RANG is set to 440 (output is locked to a fixed 440 Hz pitch irrespectively of any CV or setting), but you say that RANG is not set to that, so I guess you’ll have to return the module for me to figure it out!

Hi there - thanks for replying back so quickly
I checked that and RANG was set to free and also trying a different case.
I will have another fiddle tonight.
I will also check the output with a scope to see if its 440.
Do you thinks it worth reinsalling 1.7 and then 1.8 on top?
Thanks again, Russell

Not at all. If it boots, the firmware is fine :slight_smile:

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I hang my head in shame…

I was not selecting WAVE and saving the RANG setting was for some weird reason was set to 440 by the guy i lent some modules to a whilst ago…


But super happy!


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