Braids "Timbre" not working correctly...causes pitch envelope

Hello all, so I have recently purchased a 2nd hand Braids (I think factory made…but maybe not) that seems to have an issue with the “Timbre” control. When the Timbre knob is moved/used, it seems to apply a pitch envelope to the pitch of the osc as opposed to actually alter the sonic flavor of the osc.

This unit has the latest firmware loaded and I have checked it against another Braids module that I own…all functions seems to work just fine other than the timbre function.

I’m really not sure what’s going on with this unit and am seeking any info of why it might be doing this? I’d like to keep it if there is a simple fix, otherwise I’ll just send it back.

Any advice???

PS…I noticed that there are 2 tiny whit buttons between the front face plate and the actual circuit board, one is labeled “Reset” and the other next to it says “Sysboot”. Perhaps it just needs to be “reset”…do either of these buttons allow the user to just reset the unit if there are issues like I’m having?

I don’t want to press them if I’m going to screw up this module, but if they could possible help in correcting the issue, then maybe this could be that “easy” fix. :slight_smile:

Any help, would be most appreciated! :slight_smile:


There are two potential causes that come to mind: can you doublecheck that T.SRC isn’t internal, or that the I/TIM is off? That’s the only place in the factory firmware I would expect that would be affected, though I wouldn’t expect that to affect the timbre knob like that, even if it were running some alternative firmware like Bees-in-the-Trees.

Does the fine-tuning knob or FM input cause any change to the timbre? If there’s a short between pitch and timbre, I’d expect to here that rendered both ways to some degree

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The most important points were addressed in the post above, thanks!

You don’t need to do anything with the RESET/SYSBOOT buttons, they are only used for firmware programming.


Thank you so much, Ryan!

It appears that the I/TIM was the culprit.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to you from me!!!

All my best,