Braids Stuck in Ready Position

I am sure this is asked 100x forgive me. My Braids in Stuck in the Rdy position from trying to update it. When I my system on again, Braids is off. If I restrart holding the input button it back to Rdy again but it won’t update. Any suggestions? FIXED. THANKS!

Thanks Damien

mine stuck too, whats the solution??
i cant find anything about quiting snakeRDY mode.
ready to smash that module in to the wall,
frustration is insane and no help whats or ever.

What’s the problem exactly? The module always boot in firmware update mode? Or you can’t complete a firmware update because the module state remains “RDY” even when you start sending firmware data by playing the audio file?

It’s your money, waste it however you like :slight_smile: Not the best option for the environment, though!