Braids Stopped Working after trying to update it


My Braids is not working anymore since I tried (without any success to update it with the new firmware).
The update process was not able to be completed with every time a SYNC message (which I have read about).
This was not such a big deal to me until the module doesn’t power on anymore except when I power it with the encoder pressed (as for the update process).

Do you have any idea about how to fix it?

Thank You!

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It’s normal.

> Do you have any idea about how to fix it?

A successful firmware upload will fix it.

Thank you for your answer,

but how can I do a successfull update if any time I try it fails? (even when unplugging other modules so the PSU is not overloaded, or by switching with another PSU, or with the FM knob in other positions etc nothing seems to work at this moment for me)

Every time, the upload starts, numbers are increasing on braid’ screen (as it should do), but it usually fails before it goes to thirty.

I should mention that I tried to do the update with multiple audio sources (Computer, Audio Soundcard, Mac Book, telephone etc) Every sound source give the same result even if some of them seems to work better than others

Have you tried varying the volume level of the file playback?

The SYN error is related to a weak signal level (per the manual).

Some users seem to have better luck by amplifying the signal.

Unfortunately I tried with many differents levels, and it is not changing anything.
The weirdest thing in all that is the audio signal is well received by Braids and well interpreted as an update but at some point this update stops and it gives me the “SYN” error message…

What are you using to play the file?

I tried VLC, Itunes, and direct from the web browser (without EQs, or filters)

So anybody could hel me? I saw on the web sometimes Braids could be bricked after a wrong update process. Does it looks like mine is bricked or anything?

It’s normal that the module will no longer start after a failed firmware upgrade.

It’s not bricked, though, since you can always enter the firmware update mode to retry the procedure. I have no idea what’s causing the firmware upgrade to fail. Do you have access to another computer you could use for the upgrade? Or maybe it’s something wrong with your cable?

It’s not bricked, since you can access the bootloader. What happened is that an update was interrupted in the middle, so the memory contains only part of the code, and it cannot function correctly. It’s perfectly normal and you only need to redo the update as you did, only completely until the end. It can be tricky as you have to find the right level to play the .wav file. Software shouldn’t have much impact, just use vlc, but retry at various volumes until you get it right. Remember that any system sound or youtube tab triggering in thr middle of the update will make it fail. Try from a phone too, people seem to have much success with iphones or ipods at full volume.

Ok, thank you, I have used many cables, tried with my computer, and my girlfriend’s mac, also with my phone, which was the most successfull (It went to 30 whereas loading stopped only at 7 or so with other methods).
So I’ll try with differents volume, I didn’t try this solution yet!

I’ll keep you in touch if by any chance the process works tonight! I hope so!

So I tried and re tried tonight, and I still can’t go forward in the upgrade process. I might have tried a hundred times since the begening.
I’m quite desperate now.

Does the problem occur near the end of the file? Maybe it got truncated?

Problem occurs unfortunately in the first 25 seconds of the file I’d say, and worst is it seems to be never at the same moment. So I think it’s independent from the audio file.

Send me back the module I’ll have a look…

I have the same problem with the frames. I tried all day with all possibilities of volume from all the device i have… nothing… the volume is too high or too low, the led doesn’t become green for more then 3 seconds… i’m desperate!

Send it back to me.

I finally found my way! I sent the audio from my Imac audio out at full volume from VLC, using a mono cable, BUT with the attenuverter near to zero! It was sooooo difficoult to find the exact volume, it was like it wants a very precise one.
Thanks a lot for you reply, your work, and your availability!

That’s weird some of us seem to update any modules very easily in a few seconds, and others like us could spend hours die trying!
I’m curious about the cloud update, but I don’t know if I want to risk it! :s