Braids ruined ?!?!

hey guys …
im totally new in the modular scene . i hope you can help me out…
yesterday my case and my modules arrived.full of anticipation I put the modules in the bus board and forgot about to do the red side of the connector down.So I removed it again and plugged in correctly.the other modules work i guess because they light up . but my no braids?
I have to make the count it’s broken?braids don’t show any reaction on the display…??

Do you have +5V in your case?

it’s embarrassing but I do not know. i got the Doepfer A-100 9he case …

Then you need a +5C Adapter, i recommend this one

you’ll need a 5v adapter like this or this to make braids work. standard doepfer psu doesn’t do 5v.

ah, fcd beat me to it.

ok thanks guys you really help me out.
i hope braids still work… because i connected the cable with the red line to the top of the bus board.should i have any fears about?

It’s unlikely to be damaged.

Most designers add incorrect polarity protection to the circuit, but don’t rely on that being there :slight_smile:

ok i hop so because in the instructions of the doepfer suitcase stands .when the colored strip on the cable is not connecting properly to the bus board ,the modul will be destroyed

Protection diodes are often fitted to stop damage, but some people omit them due to incompetence. But you are unlikely to see them missing on commercial designs.

I don’t think Doepfer uses them. I popped an 074 once on the SEM filter by inserting the cable wrong. The plus is its socketed. But yeah, most modules are protected.