Braids Renaissance - Video Presentation

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, Braids has a really neat custom firmware called Renaissance. It brings some cool new features to this classic module. I just made a video presentation of it, to convince you to install it if you haven’t already! More info at


That’s cool, @naturarerum. I like the SAM algorithm. Mind if I contact you in pvt about that? I have some technical queries.

sure. though I am not the maker of this firmware so my technical knowledge is limited.

@naturarerum ah, sorry, I thought you had coded the firmware yourself.

Nice video, anyway. It’s convinced me to give it a go.

@toneburst Hi, I’m the developer for this alt firmware. Feel free to message me, or ask here as it might be of interest to others.

Also the code is open source at

(and thanks so much naturarerum for making this video! :slight_smile: )



This is GREAT! Ill have to get a few more braids to collect all the firms :wink:

@deadbeat are there other alt firmwares for Braids?

I’ve downloaded and installed it, superb, I now have a new oscillator. :smiley:

Just tried this on a buddy’s greyscale Braids I was borrowing, it is really cool. However, I can’t get the inverted encoder to revert when I reinstall 1.9 or 1.8.

Wondering if anyone has a suggested workaround?