Braids Question

I am very new to modular synths and have just purchased Braids. My question is when I connect my sequencer(BSP) to the v/oct there is still a continuous sound from the oscillator. It triggers the notes but the oscillator is always ‘on’. Is there a sustain setting or something I need to change? Hope my question makes sense!

You can never have too many VCAs! VCOs/DCOs will drone until muted by an amplifier (or switch with associated pops). Then you might want an ADSR envelope generator (EG) to get some contours. The BSP triggers the EG, the EG shapes the VCA level, the VCA controls the VCO level run through it.

There are a few models on Braids (e.g. Pluk) that react with a trigger and do not drone.

Braids has an internal AD envelop running an internal vca.

From the manual:

|\ATT, |\DEC are the attack and decay time of the internal AD envelope generator.

Do not want to sound bitter but this is just a suggestion: before embarking in something so expensive as eurorack, I would suggest learning about synthesis.
There are plenty of resources on the web.

I also have “Streams”, and so playing around with both today has helped. Very new to this but super intrigued and interested so any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks

All good man, I’m reading up as much as I can about synthesis while buying modules to learn on. We all have to start somewhere. If I don’t ask questions i’ll never learn…as I said very new to this, so keen to learn all about it.
I reckon no question is a silly question in the beautiful world of modular synths hahaha!

So I have BSP with Braids into Streams…what would you suggest to add to this?

You’ll find all manner of starting eurorack threads at muffwiggler, Reddit, here, and other places. That said, a source of modulation ( like a low frequency oscillator, or lfo), will help open braids up, essentially turning knobs for you with control voltage (cv). A lot of options exist…you might find that the recently discontinued Peaks would be a good deal, as I’m betting many dealers may have one or you could find a used one. Tides, Batumi, Maths, or a Function are also a few popular modules that generate modulation, among other things. Lots of choices, and your personal taste and individual needs will guide you. Peaks does many things, and could be a good fit for a growing system. Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks for your advice man, I’ll defo look into getting a peaks somewhere!..Sorry forgot to mention that I do also have the 0-Coast which I’ve been using that to modulate different inputs… and having a lot of fun with.
Appreciate any wisdom you can throw down!

+1 for Peaks- great starter module! You’ll probably want several, though :wink:


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You might also want to consider an Expert Sleepers Disting.

Multi-function modules like this divide opinion (I’m in two minds about them myself), but when starting out, it can be handy to have a low-HP module that does lots of things, so you can try things out, and perhaps later buy dedicated modules to carry out some of the functions you find most useful.


Keep in mind if you set the Attack and Decay options you’ll need a trigger to get sound out of Braids. I’ve done this and the next day started a new patch and wondered where the sound was.