Braids Pluck mode glitching

I think that I may have noticed this before, but it’s become a real nuisance in this latest patch.
I’ve patched a Marbles CV through a quantizer and into Braids’ PLUK mode with the corresponding gate into the trigger input and VCA ‘on’. Every 10th note or so, it glitches into a garble. It sounds like digital (no surprise) noise, almost like a bit reduction. Have I reached a buffer limit for consecutive signals? I’ve tried it without the quantizer to the same effect. I’ve tried it on two different Braids and it is the same. Any way to avoid this?

No, there’s no such “buffer” or limitation. Can you post a video or at least an audio file?

Here is a short, unpublished video on YT.
Note that the “glitch” is at 4 sec., 14sec and 17sec. I thought that it was the note falling between quantized values, but it does it without quantization as well.

I’ll try to reproduce it. Have you tried delaying the triggering with the TDLY setting?

I found that by turning off the TDLY completely, it largely goes away. It is most prevalent around the 125-250u range but also decreases a bit as I go higher.