Braids output problem

Hi Guy’s,
Got a problem with my Braids, switched it on this morning and instead of the the normal sustaining tone I got this,

Using Factory firmware 1.8, I did a re-calibration with no improvement, any ideas on what it could be and how to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Cheers

What did you use to calibrate? It seems like it’s in a super low mode somehow, check voltages when calibrating as different manufacturers have different voltages for different notes, as long as it’s definitely 1v and 3v (checked on a meter) you can rule that out I guess.

Other than that there’s a few things that spring to mind, you could easily have inadvertently changed a number of settings in the menu that might have that sort of affect.

Check the following fro starters

Bits (mine is set to 16b)
Rate (96k here)
Oct (seems like it could be set a few octaves down)

I don’t think that sign and drift would make it behave like that but it’d be worth making sure they’re both off too.

I used my Arturia MicroBrute for the calibration, according to them C1=1v and C3=3v.
I’ve re-checked the settings:
Bits 16 bits
Rate 96k
Oct 0
Sign & Drift are off
Still the same issue
By the way what is the default setting for Range?

I’d honestly stick a meter on the cv out of the brute rather than going by note names. Just checked and on my mb, I get 1v on the lowest c key if i move the octave buttons down so that -2 is lit with a red led if that helps.

My range is set to ext.

I managed to sort of recreate the farts in your video by transposing Braids wayyyyy down so hopefully its just duff calibration data and you’ll get it up and running again in no time.

It is also worth quadruple checking the calibration instructions again, i once managed to make a temporary dumb mess of Rings by forgetting to do one of the steps listed.

> By the way what is the default setting for Range?


I’ve checked the Range and it’s on EXT and re-calibrated again as per erstlabs last post, the output sound seems to stabilise and stops (farting) but as soon as I disconnect the keyboard to the V/OCT CV input the output sound breaks up and starts (farting) again as in the video, re-connecting to the V/OCT stabilises the sound again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The “farting” is not a glitch or bug but just a low frequency note. The frequency is so low that you hear each peak in the waveform as a distinct click.

If your Microbrute is outputing 3V when you play a middle C, and if you have calibrated your Braids for that, it’s normal that the pitch will drop by 3 octaves into LFO territories whenever you disconnect the V/O - because now there’s only 0V on the V/O input.

You can try using other pairs of notes 2 octaves apart (say C0 and C2 or C2 and C4) for the calibration procedure to reach different compromises.

Pretty sure that’s normal behavior for many oscillators - my OSC303 starts farting the moment you turn the system on, and doesn’t stop until you feed it control voltages outside of the farting range, or manually adjust the tuning knob. Either way, it keeps running whether you’re telling it where to go (CV) or not.