Braids output has become distorted - possible power supply issue?

I’ve been having trouble with the output of my MI Braids module again. I had previously had some trouble after doing the firmware update (which Olivier helped walked me through) and things were good at that point. More recently, the sound has become distorted and warbly - especially noticeable higher up the scale. It sounds a bit like FM modulation is being applied. I’ve recalibrated the Braids a number of times and it makes no difference. So I’m starting to suspect that it might be a problem with either not enough power getting to Braids or another module possibly interfering with Braids. I have the following modules in a Pittsburgh Cell 90 case with the newer power supply (see link below). It’s a linear power supply that’s rated for 850mA. The total draw of my modules is far below that max number (416mA +12, 266mA -12 and 85mA 5v). I’m using the MI Volts adapter to get 5v on the power ribbon the Braids is connected to.

Toppobrillo Multifilter
Intellijel Triatt & Quadra
Circuit Abbey G8
E355 Morphing Dual LFO

Thinking the problem might be caused by a lack of power getting to Braids, I started pulling modules one at a time and retesting the Braids each time. After I had pulled the E355, the Triatt and the Toppobrillo MF, Braids sounded great. As soon as I add any one of the E355, the Triatt or the MF back to the case, the Braids sounds distorted again. I’ve tried connecting Braids at different positions in the power cable and tried moving the above the three modules around as well. It did not seem to make any difference.

Does anyone have any clue what might be going on here? I’m not sure if this is an issue with Braids, my power supply/case, another module in my case or some combination of both.

Here is a link to my setup on Modular Grid:

You need more Juice. Period.

Ok. That’s what I was thinking (and afraid of). How much more power do you think I need over and above the max draw the modules are rated for? I thought I was safe with the 850mA of the power supply relative to the total max draw of the modules - 416 mA +12, 266mA -12 and the 85mA 5v.

You need as much as you can afford. 850mA is a joke for all the Modules mentioned above, you should not even come close to the stated Specs as they are the maximum someone managed to squeeze out the PSU without causing a fire - which is a bad idea, especially with linear old school PSUs. Even more if you have to draw 5V via a possibly wrecked linear converter from the +12V Rail .

Its just like with cars, if you aim for 120km/h on the Autobahn 45PS is not sufficient even if you calculated its the power needed to drive that fast at a constant speed. You need some Headroom. The more Headroom the Better. Go ask Rupert Neve about Headroom.

Braids (at least the first batch) is susceptible to 12V power supply fluctuations feeding through as CV modulation-in my case it was a Bubblesound uLFO and VCOb on a woefully underspec’d Modular World supply making life difficult. Listen to Frank’s advice!

I received some good replies on Muffwiggler. Another guy had the very same problem I’m having with a different VCO and his Cell 90 case. It turned out it was the power supply that had to be replaced. I’ve got a Synthrotek 5A supply on the way to retrofit and juice up the Cell 90 case. Failing that, I’ll order some rails and build a brand new case with the new supply and send the Cell 90 back to Pittsburgh for some testing. Thanks for everyone’s replies. I am so relieved it’s not a Braids issue.

UPDATE: Problem solved. I received the Synthrotek 5A supply, some new 126HP rails and built myself a custom case. Braids is installed, working and sounding amazing! The new power supply is powering all of the modules I moved from my Cell 90 case as well as a couple more I had room for in the new case.