Braids oscillators on the Axoloti

I don’t have an axoloti myself yet, but I just saw this: “You’ll find a collection of oscillators in osc/brds/…, and some effects in fx/rngs/, they’re adaptations from Mutable Instruments’ Braids and Rings code. They’re not 1:1 behavioral copies, for instance Braids runs at 96kHz while Axoloti runs them at 48kHz…”

Aliasing! :slight_smile:

that’s pretty neat all the same.

That sounds pretty cool. I was going to attempt something similar myself with the Braids ‘digital’ oscillator types, a while back, but didn’t get around to it.

I do remember @pichenettes saying that many of the oscillator types relied on 2x oversampling as the only anti-aliasing measure, so t2k is probably right.

There are some examples of oversampling in the Axoloti Community library, so I don’t imagine it would be too hard to modify these objects to run at 96kHz, as the original Braids oscillators do.


The question is, would you want to? You’ll not only be running a single oscillator on the Axoloti so if the reduction in sample rate comes with a slightly lower sound quality, that’s probably a good trade-off for more free processing power.
(Oh, and I don’t know how they implemented it, but lower samplerate doesn’t automatically mean more aliasing.)

I’ve been watching the Axoloti for a while and it’s getting more and more interesting.

@TheSlowGrowth You should join the party, it’s great fun! Probably one of the highest use to cost ratio of any of my ‘toys’.

can you use these oscillators also in a polyphonic mode?

Yeah, you can have as many as it’ll handle. Haven’t tried them on my Loti, but I don’t think they’re too heavy.

@SirPrimalform Yes, I read a bit more about it and checked the github today and now I’m pretty much convinced I should get one ASAP. Pretty impressive how much that processor can handle!

The official website states they’re unavailable at the moment - anyone knows another source?

love my axoloti,will add the control board soon.
having braids osc inside is a good news will have to test it

@ theslowgrowth saw one today for sale used,with the control board on a facebook sale group
can point you the add if you like : )

The Axoloti has a much more powerful MCU than Braids, so I’m sure many of the oscillator types could be used polyphonically.

I like my Axoloti, too. Wish I’d been able to get my Euxoloti Eurorack adapter module up-and-running before Paul (the developer) seemingly disappeared, though. Hope he’s ok.


@theslowgrowth Really? The site says in stock for me. The only other place I’ve seen selling them is Thonk as an addon to the Music Thing Modular control board.

If one day I’ll have some time to do anything again… I think I’ll get one, and a control board form Thonk I guess.

@SirPrimalform Interesting, it wasn’t available when I looked earlier. I immediately placed my order. Hmmm, nice :slight_smile:

I’ve had my axoloti for a couple of days now. After reading this great thread about reverbs I decided I’ll try to create my own. On the way I noticed there’s no proper modulatable schroeder allpass, so I made one as well. And there you go, 7 contributions to the user library in 4 days :slight_smile: It really is so much fun!

Axoloti really is a great platform. I took it to a jam session recently and we didn’t have a bass player. I quickly put together a groove on the axoloti and we were good to go. When I realized I needed another reverb for the microbrute, it was just a matter of seconds to add it to the patch. When we decided we needed to switch our bassline on and off, I simply plugged a footswitch to a digital input and used that to control my bassline sequencer.

@TheSlowGrowth Great work! I’ve had mine ever since the “kickstarter” but actually never started using it. My original intent was to use it as a high end platform for the Shruthi filter boards. As so often time for hacking is scarce.

What’s the easiest way to have some more controls on the Axoloti? Music Things Shield?

I guess the music thing shield is a good start. I regret not having bought one directly. I’ll do that later, or maybe cook my own.
In the end it depends on how many controls you want.

I guess you never enough controls… :slight_smile:
Maybe something like this would be better

I got the Music Thing control board, it does the job. The analogue stick is very handy.