Braids or Frames

I know that Braids and Frames are two totally different modules but I have loved them both from the web info I have read and the countless videos of both I have seen. In the screenshot is my system up to now and as you can see there is not much place for many modules left.
So would you guys go for a Braids and have countless days and nights of oscillator fun or would you go for Frames and have countless days and nights of control and mix fun?
Or am I just too confused and this question cannot be answered?
Thank you very much in advance!

They’re very different beasts, so it’s a hard question to answer. Personally, if I had to choose between the two, I would probably go for Braids, but both are great.


Your system would benefit from both… Maybe get rid of one of the classic Doepfer modules for Braids + Frames?

It also depends how you want to use your system… Do you use it as one big synth voice or do you build complete compositions on it?
But seeing your system I would say braids.

what Pichenettes said!

Ditch some doepfer get both!

Thank you guys for your advice!
pichenettes you are a demon :wink:
Braids seems to get the votes but I think I must dive deep to the MG for some planning again!
(cause the “both” idea sounds diabolical nice!)

your picture says frames. why? because you can still get rid of the doepfer modules to fit braids later if necessary but the functionality of frames will expand the possibilities within your already existing rig. more than braids would imho. and that hole looks just right for frames but with braids, there d be another hole left… but yes get both

interesting opinion! thanks for your help again!

Put frames in the hole, get rid of the doepfer standard vco and vcf and instead get a braids.

At the end you will still have the same amount of vcos, just one much more versitale. And Braids doesnt need a filter at all. :slight_smile:

If you go with frames I would plan the system like this picture. Also switched the A-114/A-148 to the A-184 for more space and added another A-132-1.

If you decide to go with both you have to tetris a little bit more. I would switch the A-138 to a smaller Birdkids mixer to fit braids in the row.

Also think about what kind of sonic results do you want to achieve, what kind of aesthetic are you after. Will one or the other module not fit in it, or maybe you really need both to make it work. Actually, if you’re not sure what you want to do with the modules, it’s probably better not to buy anything and figure it out first. The tricky thing of the modular is that you have to build your instrument before you can play it, but to know how you should build it you first need to have an idea of how you want to play it.

I’m not sure getting rid go your existing filter and VCO is a good idea. Granted, many of the Braids oscillator models don’t benefit from a filter, but equally, the analogue-style basic waveforms it also does do sound great through a filter, and getting rid of the filter would mean you wouldn’t be able to produce those classic subtractive synthesis sounds.

That may not be an issue for you. Personally, I love those sounds (which is why I have so many Shruthi-1 filter flavours).


Getting rid of the Doepfer LFO and replacing it with another Peaks would be a good investment though. You can never have too many Peaks… :wink:


It seems that I lost my reply to you for some reason the moment i pressed the post comment button…anyway I will try to write it again…
So thank you all for the info and you experienced shared here! loowfizzz the two configurations look very interesting thank you very much for your time! Especially the one with both the modules (in this case I will be needing a second PSU cause all this are powered through a Doepfer A-100DIY KIT but this is an other discussion).
The sound that I am after are aanlog classic style and berlin school (I love my A-120vcf) and also I love the wavetables (this is why I keep on swapping-flashing the Parasites and Sheep firmware on my Tides all the time).
Another difficult thing is that I live in Greece where the modular scene is “below zero” and the second hand module selling-trading will be a little tricky I guess.
In any case thank you all very much cause it seems that right before completing my first 9U modular synth another journey begins!

For Berlin-style electronica Frames can be pretty cool indeed! Actually getting a second Tides so you have both that and Sheep could also be an alternative to getting a Braids.

If you’re into that wavetable sound, how about a Waldorf NW1? It’s wiDe though. That’s what’s been putting me off getting one, actually. I’d have to remove several modules from my synth to fit it in, sadly.


It’s always advisable to have a wise module in your case, so you don’t do crazy patches that could break your modules. A wise module will tell you when to stop.

The Waldorf NW1 has one cool feature, wavetable recording. If you don’t need that feature, I wouldn’t recommend it. NAVE on an iDevice or computer run into your modular will give you more flexibility.

Yeah you are right audiohoarder and NW1 it is also too big for my rack…I think i will go with the Frames for now, and swap-flashing the Sheep into my Tides now and then…
I 've being playing with Sheep the whole evening with quantized (Reason) note sequences sent to it and have a lots of sonic travelling through space with the help of Peaks and my A-106-6…!