Braids not responding to pitch input

I recieved a factory Braids (fw v1.5) from a friend to keep for my own “if I can fix it”. The problem is the module is not responding to any of the pitch related knobs or modulation inputs (coarse, fine, v/oct, fm), the pitch plays back at a steady 440Hz which can not be changed in any way. Timbre & color are behaving as expected and all aspects of the software otherwise seem to be ok. There are no visible damages on the module and the friend con’t give any information on how or when the malfunction started.

Should I be looking at mainly hardware issues or could reinstalling the firmware (fw v1.8?) be of help?

Any help highly appreciated!
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Congrats, you won a perfectly working module :slight_smile:

Change the RANG setting to EXT or FREE.

Tell your friend to remember reading the manual next time (or ask for support!)


:smiley: I was afraid it could be a “problem” like this!
Thanks for the quick answer! Peace <3