Braids - no sound or pitch change

So… I don’t have any sound coming out of Braids nor any pitch change. I’m using an Arturia Keystep to control the module. The Range is set to EXT. The VCA is set to On. Would a firmware update help? The firmware version is 1.8. Any suggestions?? Thanks

Do you get sound with the VCA set to OFF?

No sound comes out when the VCA is off either.

Is it a problem that recently appeared or have you just bought the module?

It just recently appear. I’ve had it for almost 3 years with no problems until now.

The part with no sound coming out just happened recently. It not tracking to pitch change has been a problem since purchase.

I assume that you have checked that the module correctly receives -12V (if not, it’ll appear to power on but all the analog side of the module will stop working). Right?

If you are sure this is not a problem with the power supply, contact me on the Mutable Instruments website and I’ll have a look at your module!


Yes I made sure the correct connections are made. Thank you so much for your patience and help!! I’ll contact you through the website to send it out. Thank you again so much. I know it can be overwhelming answer peoples questions