Braids META mode

Could someone test if, when using META mode, you are able to go from CSAW all the way up to QPSK ?

I have a problem where no matter what I do the range starts from FOLD and not CSAW.

Thank you!

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You encouraged me to try meta mode for the first time on my Braids module lol

I’m running the Braids Renaissance firmware, and was able to get it to go all the way to the final setting, but I had to mix both offset channels of Maths to do it. I didn’t check specifically, but it was a little shy of the full 15 volts it produces. I’m surprised, I’m used to most Mutable digital inputs maxing out at around 8v. I also started from CSAW, if that helps.

Were you able to feed it a negative voltage to navigate back to CSAW? I’d be curious to see if recalibration could be a fix for something like this

Thanks for checking for me. Strange - when I centre the fm attenuverter back to zero while on META mode I can’t then use the encoder to get back to CSAW. It just gets stuck on FOLD. Is this the same for you?

No, I’ve never encountered that issue, although with loud oscillators in the FM input, I can some modulation when the FM knob is in the detented 0 position. Do you have unexpectedly strong FM when the knob is at 0 outside of Meta mode?

How old is your module? I’ve never dealt with a failing detented potentiometer, but there might be the possibility of that pot wearing out if it’s particularly old or used a very dusty or damp environment

It’s been bought second hand which is why I’m wondering if it’s a fault…,

Yes there is some FM on certain oscillators when the knob is centred.

So when the fm knob is centred for you, you can still scroll back to CSAW?

Thank you for your help!

Just tried the firmware you linked to… now it only goes back to the ||||_ algorithm

I have a problem where no matter what I do the range starts from FOLD and not CSAW.

This happens because the module does not read correctly the null voltage on the FM input. It reads a small positive value instead. You need to run the calibration procedure to fix this!

Yes there is some FM on certain oscillators when the knob is centred.

This is normal, pots with center detent will never lock perfectly at 50%. In more recent modules I started using a “virtual” (and more accurate!) center detent implemented in software.

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Thanks for your reply. Will the calibration instructions work for the FM input as well?
I did it for the v/oct input but having the same problem.

Even when I take out the cv source completely from the FM input, I still can’t scroll back to CSAW.

The calibration procedure described in the manual will calibrate the V/O input (scale and offset – this is why you need to provide specific voltages to it) AND the FM input (offset only – this is why the procedure doesn’t require anything to be done to this input).

Another thing I can think of: on early versions of the module (those with a 2x8 connector on the back), the fine tuning knob is mixed with the FM input, and thus acts as an offset for META mode. Could it be what’s happening here?

Thanks for the help. something strange is going on - I have calibrated the module now, I can get the full range starting at the last algorithm and getting down to CSAW when the FM attenuator is fully left.

However, I can not get up to the top range when the FM attenuator is fully right - it stops about 3 algorithms from the last one :interrobang:

Which voltage are you sending in the FM input?

0 to 5v. But I’ve tried higher. Still never reaches the top algorithm.

Might be that your module is at an extreme (worst case) for the tolerances of the FM CV input circuit.

Software fix: (512.6 KB)

That totally fixed being able to reach all the algorithms. There’s still a bit of wobble when the FM attenuvertor is centred but at least I can get to all the modes now.

Thank you so much - you are a star :heart:

Edit- fixed the wobble by using the fine knob like you mentioned before