Braids love

I can no longer resist :slight_smile:


@schrab you are awesome.

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Over the past 2 years Ive been building my euro-rack adding all analog modules that cover the basics. Inspiration has been hard to come by, then I got the Braids and it unlocked the potential of my rig, giving me a new perspective on what is possible on a modular. It certainly has started a fire in my creativity, I wonder if this is the module I should have bought first.

Likewise! It’s creative sex on a stick as far as I’m concerned. Years from now I hope Braids will be seen as one of trailblazing classics that spurred lots of innovation and made good music.

I think many modules are pretty samey, just recreations of old analog units and not new designs.

Digital or analog isn’t always that important for me since you can own both and use them for different things.

I have a Braids and I really want a Tiptop Z-DSP but they’re quite scarce at the moment.

Analogue Haven has the Z-DSP in stock. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

I emailed them about it, no reply. I wanted to know shipping costs etc.

Huh, Shawn is usually REALLY responsive.

Just checked the site, must have been somewhere else with a similar name :slight_smile: although it was a couple of days ago so I’m not sure, maybe it was lol.

Ah, cool!

Braids gets better with each passing day. It is quite deep.
I have a dumb question that continues to puzzle my dim wits. Reference is made to the “physical models” in the user manual. I understand they need to be triggered but don’t understand which ones they are. Can someone list them?


PLUK is the greatest. I am so in love with Braids generally, but PLUK, CLOU/PTRC and QPSK are some of my favorite euro sounds when sequenced & modulated with care. Hats off to Olivier for designing an instrument has both breadth and depth.

Braids in Brittany from 8:55 onwards: