Braids love

Braids arrived yesterday from Foxtone. I’d say, within a span of 2 minutes from initial powering, I was massively blown away! Now, this is the point where I say that the case is pretty much filled and I’m not going to expand beyond this for a while…

1st patch-of-the-year video

didnt i tell you? :wink:

Nice tune! I got mine two days ago. Amazing. Case far from filled though…

@frank, I take back everything I’ve ever said about digital oscillators (Shruthi/ambika doesnt count). Funny part is most of us here that have a modular now, didn’t a couple years ago. Lookatusnow™. We are all bad influences on each other (or so my wife would attest to).

But yea, Braids… laid down a stone-cold stunner on me!

@masarin, thanks! Is the case really ever truly filled?

@qp: True, though I started 2 months ago so I really mean it. :slight_smile: Do you have a link somewhere?

@masarin, got it here. Still need to lay out my dotcom modular.

Hmm, not sure why the phonogene is there. There’s a Turing Machine with Pulses there.

@qp Wow! Great patch!

I took the time to listen to most of them, they are very good! It seems you figured out your new modular quite fast. :wink:

@qp I really enjoy these melodic endless soundscapes. Nice work!

I love it. I should have kept that Rene for myself! This Microbrute sequencer is killing me!

@bjarne & audiohoarder, thanks! It’s all quite intuitive really. Plug this there and see what happens.

@ryan, ah, yeah, well… Damn good price too. Shoulda kept that one a secret :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s ok. I have this coming to the rescue!

Whoa, envy, GAS setting in… Good thing I know I can’t afford a big C :frowning:

Good thing they used the wider mounting holes, since some manufacturers of modules are less then precise about the whole “where to put the hole” -thing(looking at your plexi Turing panels, Thonk).

no need to buy an expensive bo kit - ill send you a panel + schematics. it just takes a bit of time and wire …

Stop trying to make me so self sufficient!

I really should save money and stop being lazy with anything like this. This is a simple but time consuming build i, I imagine. I should make an MI euro colored version…

I’m ending up with one of your faceplates via the turing machine dude163 sold to qp. Germany->Canada->Chicago->LA. Very well traveled module.

to save place in my modular case, I took 3 A-180 blindpanels from schneidersladen, replaced them with the cirklon panel and put the sub D 25 connector on the side of my case with some longer cables.
works really fine.

have a look here:

I can only recommend

This is great- I was thinking id rather not have a bus cable plugged into the front of my modular- and also considering a rack base for the Cirklon and making the connector internal

@youkon Nice! I think I might do something like that as well.

it was really more than easy