Braids; is there a way to find out which is older?

I have two Braids modules of which I might sell one in the future, preferably the oldest one, certainly if they’re years apart. I don’t know if anything could be made out of stickers on the pcb? 1 of them has a distinct ‘click’ feel on most of the pots when centered, does that give away clues?

Detented pots are older, also the older one requires +5V on the main power header. Not sure how many revisions there were.

Thanks a lot for your help Latigidon, appreciate it! Now I also know what these ‘click’pots are officially called :slightly_smiling_face:
Both require +5v I found out, so their production date might not be so far apart.

The SCP YY WW code indicates the manufacturing year and week number.

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Ah cheers, thanks a bunch!

I asked myself:is this important,the age of a pcb?

The firmware version and maybe hardware revision, would be more important to me.

Upgrading firmwares seems less than trivial - the audio file method is often tricky to do, from what I’ve read, and there seems to be a special little adapter needed, to do it the ST-Link way.

I’m not clear if there’s a way to determine the firmware version other than finding release notes for different versions, and testing for the new features being present. Maybe there’s a firmware version history document somewhere?

The firmware version is displayed, it’s the last item in the menu.

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Cool. Thanks, pichenettes.

I don’t actually own a proper Braids, but I am interested in them.

I just have a cut down Arduino Due version (using the Due 12 bit DAC), at the moment, which doesn’t have the display. It’s based on a version that was ported to the Microbe Modular Equation Composer.

I figured out which version that was probably based on, by looking at release notices - I decided it was likely to be from the last official release, based on the waveform options, but I can’t be absolutely sure.