Braids; is there a way to find out which is older?

I have two Braids modules of which I might sell one in the future, preferably the oldest one, certainly if they’re years apart. I don’t know if anything could be made out of stickers on the pcb? 1 of them has a distinct ‘click’ feel on most of the pots when centered, does that give away clues?

Detented pots are older, also the older one requires +5V on the main power header. Not sure how many revisions there were.

Thanks a lot for your help Latigidon, appreciate it! Now I also know what these ‘click’pots are officially called :slightly_smiling_face:
Both require +5v I found out, so their production date might not be so far apart.

The SCP YY WW code indicates the manufacturing year and week number.

Ah cheers, thanks a bunch!