Braids internal AD Envelope and clicking

got my Braids two weeks ago and really like it a lot.
i like to use the interneal env routed to volume but sadly i got a lot of pretty annying clicks with the shorter envelope settings like Ping.
Of course short and fast envelopes can lead to clicks but i wonder if that eventually could be eliminated, it´s just so handy to not have to use an other envelope for this task.


edit: i´d also like to add, that i also get a lot of clicking when using an external trigger.

Everything you always wanted to know about clicks

An external VCA and envelope would click just the same way. Unless the envelope had a “slow” attack of course!

Would it be possible to add a feature where you could choose to have the wave reset to 0 whenever the AD is either triggered internal or external?

“wave reset to 0” doesn’t mean anything for pretty much all the synthesis models provided by Braids.

kinda what I figured, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Also a video for make noise boys:

thanks guys!