Braids' FM input folded?

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Hi all,

My newly bought Braids behaves weirdly, I wonder if someone could confirm that it’s only my unit…

The FM CV input seems to be wavefolded when I apply it a triangle wave at full voltage, the frequency of the modulation is doubled. This effect disappears when I lower the intensity of the FM signal: at 1/2 the unity intensity of a Maths, it responds linearly again. I made a quick video to demonstrate:

Is it normal?
Thanks in advance,

Above +/- 5V the modulation CV inputs clip. I believe that’s what happens here. It rapidly hits the max, stays at the max, and falls down rapidly. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Maths would be calibrated to output signals peaking at 8V.

But just to make sure nothing else funky happens, try running the calibration procedure (which requires not only the C1/C3 or C2/C4 notes to be sent; but also no signal hitting the FM input).

Thanks for your answer pichenettes.
That’s what I thought too, but isn’t it surprising that it would “fold” after +5V, whereas it just clips regularly at less than -5V? Just to be sure: the same phenomenon happens with the Peaks as an LFO (I can record another video if necessary). I don’t know how hot the Peaks output is.

You’re right, outside of the rated +5V range, the attenuverter circuit folds instead of clipping.

You’re the first one to spot that O_O

I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do about it, and since I have placed an order for a new batch, this quirk will be around for at least the first half of 2015.

Ha! You don’t need to be sorry: it’s unspecified how it should react outside of the rated range. Plus, I’m sure it can be useful in some way! Just don’t call it a quirk, call it a feature :slight_smile:

Though I haven´t noticed it yet, I feel it´s actually a pretty sweet feature. :slight_smile:
Gonna experiment a little thatwith.

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Same here. I’m going to give this a try. Folding sounds much more interesting than clipping…