Braids Firmware V1.9


I am running Braids Firmware update V1.9. I think it got no further than a Beta release, which is perhaps why it is not on the Braids Firmware page.

Is there documentation available for it? In particular, were there any new algorithms added, or existing algorithms retired?

I know that all the focus is on Plaits now (and quite rightly too!) but Braids continues to be one of my most0used oscillators, and I would like to understand what changed in the move from firmware version 1.8 to 1.9.

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Sub oscillator models.

Where can the firmware update v1.9 be found? I’d like to try it out as I can’t buy Plaits for a while yet and Braids is still one of my favourite modules!

Thanks. So the two new algorithms are sub-square and sub-triangle?

It seems that COLOR varies the pitch from -2 octaves (CCW) through unison to -1 octave (CW).

Also that TIMBRE shifts the duty cycle of the square wave or the skew of the triangle wave across a similar range

…and that both can be modulated. Is that correct?



Edit - on reflection, that’s not what is happening with TIMBRE.

It’s not available. I’ll release it when I’ll have added more fixes / models to make a truly worthwhile upgrade.

I think Blairio has it because their module was sent to me for repair and needed a reflash; and that was the precompiled version I had at hand.

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That’s cool, thanks Olivier!

Hi Olivier,

I haven’t sent you my Braids, however there was an issue with calibration - on some algorithms the full range of the TIMBRE control was not available. I think you sent me V1.9 to address that.

What is going on with the TIMBRE parameter in the SUB algorithms? I thought it was shifting the duty cycle, but on reflection that doesn’t sound like what is happening when I move the TIMBRE control.



Exactly what you said.

Any chance to see this update soon?? :slight_smile:

For anyone who is looking for the v1.9 firmware of braids , it is available within this thread :

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