Braids Firmware V1.9 file

Can anyone help me get my hands on this?


Not sure to understand your question ?

I’m not sure you will have any chance to get support with such a « sloppy » question ( no pun intended / English is not my mother tongue )…

Maybe are you looking for the source code of the braids module ?

It is available on GitHub on this address :

Wave file for firmware update for braids module are here

Last firmware seems to be v1.8.
Braids has been deprecated and I don’t think the firmware is still in active development.
Why do you think there is a v1.9 version ?

There is also a custom/non supported by mutable custom firmware who is called braids renaissance here :



I’m specifically looking for version 1.9 of the firmware, which has never officially been released - probably never will, and is in beta, but nevertheless exists and is installed in some modules in the wild.

The file format would most preferably be .wav - any other type of format or code is also appreciated - I just want to install it on my module.

@pichenettes any chance you’d like to share it?

It’s existence is validated here:

I have plenty polyphonic options already and Renaissance is primarily poly and SAM/speech oriented.

It’s a lot more than that…and it’s as close to 1.9 as you’re going to get.

You will find a wav firmware for the « offical » V1.9-beta build from Emilie latest here:
[Removed until I got the time to check the wav]

Pay attention that even the risk is low.It is on your own risk.
I just build the waw, I don’t have the time to apply the upload procedure on an existing braid for the moment.
If you prefer to wait, I will confirm the build is okay later this week



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While you have a point, it’s not exactly an answer to what I’m asking for. Let me elaborate:

For a non-poly mono-interested user this means:

:+1: Has sub-osc models
:+1: Improves WTx4 to WTCH
:+1: Adds SAM

:-1: Removes QPSK
:-1: Has unusable poly algos which will take up menu space

:+1: Has sub-osc models
:+1: Has QPSK
:+1: Doesn’t have poly algos

:-1: WTx4 instead of WTCH
:-1: Doesn’t have SAM

I’m not really interested in SAM and would like to avoid scrolling through the poly settings. Therefore for me v1.9 wins over Renaissance for my setup. Only real downside is missing out on improved WTx4/WTCH.

Wow! Where did you build this from? I will wait then, thanks a ton!

No black voodoo magic here.

Émilie provide all the necessary information : source code, dev environment and explanation to build/hack her own firmwares.
Super cool things to learn.

I will remove the wave file until I’ve the time to check it.

Thanks for helping out, I appreciate it!

Can you point me in the direction of where to find the source code for v1.9 ?

Looking forward to hear how the wav works out!

Mutable code is on GitHub.
The link is on my first post of this thread.

There is no the v.1.9 release or tag. I just build using the latest sources ( head of the repository ).

How do you know you are building v1.9 beta then? Can you point me to the exact repository? When I follow the link in your first post, all I find is a very old Braids - v1.4 beta version :thinking:

Yes, but if you look at the history of source file changes you’ll find that Emilie updated the version of the sources to 1.9 in a commit on 24 feb 2017. It’s all in the source files.


The code on github corresponds to the 1.9 version indeed.

I usually wait for enough improvements to accumulate before making a release, this is why this version, which only had extra sub-oscillator models, has never gotten a proper release! (512.9 KB)


Amazing! Thanks to all of you!

Don’t forget there’s also the “Bees in the Trees” alternative firmware, that adds a load of extra control options (internal multi-channel sequencer, shift-register-style pattern-generator, extra envelope and LFO options).