Braids factory vs DIY


I just received a DIY Braids to go along with my factory Braids (one of my first modules).
The first thing that I noticed is that the DIY waveshapes are slightly different from that of the factory unit and it was two octaves lower at the same settings. I re-calibrated both and still the same.

My question is what would cause the waveshapes to be different on the DIY unit? Is there anything adjustable that can compensate? I can compensate for the octave offset of course, so that’s not really an issue.


I am not sure. Of the mutable modules I own, I’ve never had a Braids. Is it possible that they are running different firmware versions?

The Braids firmware page has descriptions of the changes between releases.


There can be an assembly mistake shifting the ADC range, but this should be compensated by calibration anyway… Strange! Maybe the value of the OCTV setting?

As for the difference in waveshapes, it can be due to a different SIGN setting (and its effect is different from unit to unit!), or an assembly mistake surrounding the output stage.

I’ll stop there because you know, DIY stuff…

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