Braids envelope help

Forgive me for perhaps a basic question. I have not been able to figure out how to control Braids like I want. How can I make it silent when no key (on a synth connected by cv-to-midi converter) is pressed? Basically I would like to control it with a gate signal like I can do with Edges. Zero attack time, full sustain, zero release time. I have updated to v. 1.5 and have fooled around with the internal envelopes, TSRC, TDST and TENV, but no luck. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.

The internal envelope is AD only, not AR. Buy a VCA :slight_smile:

Thanks Olivier, I have some VCAs, but the extra embarrassing part is I don’t know how use them to do what I want here… Is there a 10 second explanation?

Audio output of Braids into the audio input of the VCA.

CV output of an envelope generator into the CV in of the VCA.

Trigger output from your CV source (MIDI to CV etc) into the envelope’s trigger input.

Shaped sound appears from the audio output of the VCA.

Got it! Thanks. And yes hearing it now it seems obvious.

Some filters have a built in VCA (Ripples for example) as sometimes you don’t really need the filter and sound envelopes to be different. Then you can get away with one envelope generator instead of two.

I’m having the opposite problem after updating to v1.5… no matter what I send to the trigger and/or v/oct ins the envelope only opens for a split second (until it receives another trigger). I’ve tried changing the TSRC, TDST and TENV settings. Is there a way to bypass the internal AD? Or is it a matter of the right combination of TSRC, TDST and TENV settings?

Which combination of the TSRC / TDST / TENV settings are you currently using, and what to do to reproduce the problem?

Okay, an exhaustive exploration of all the settings for those three parameters sorted it out: I set TDST to timbre and everything is cool again.

Major thank you to 6581punk for the basic explanation of utilizing an Envelope Generator. I’m a noob and found that extremely helpful.