Braids encoder

I bought an original Braids used. The encoder was not working properly. Just touching it lightly made it advance multiple steps. I tried to find the part online, but it seems to be the part for a clone build. The encoder works now, but backwards. Is there a source for the part I can order? I do not know how to edit the code and recompile. Maybe there is a firmware out there already? Not sure I would want to update the firmware though just for that, I hope that is not my only option.

I’m assuming from what you said that you desoldered and resoldered a different one - I’m happy to send you a fw build if it helps you and you have no other options (may be worth checking if any other options are available)… (happy to send either wav or hex) - send me a pm. That may be less hassle than desoldering and resoldering…. but ymmv…. (check the datasheets for the bourns encoder directions and pick one that suits oherwise)

The unofficial firmwares (Braids renaissance, Bees in the trees) have a menu setting to reverse the encoder.

I can also mail you the original part.

oh, yeah, I would prefer to just have the factory firmware. How can I order the original part?

I do not see an option to send a direct message. Maybe because I am new?