Braids digs Joy Division

So I realized how much this modular mayhem I made with the Make Noise STO and Braids PLUCK mode sounded like Joy Division so I found an Ian Curtis vocal isolation (only one I could find was Love Will Tear Us Apart- would have preferred something from Unknown Pleasures, but I’d still be tweaking EQ and repairing audio if I tried to do my own isolation). I just went for it. This really shows (to me, anyway), just how amazing Braids is. Guitar and Bass in this track are just Braids (and FX in Ableton).

Super cool! Around a minute in I was expecting the vocals from Dead Bodies though. :slight_smile:

Ugh. Korn? Man that makes me want to cry :wink:

Edit: wait did you mean Dead Souls? Because that would have worked better…

Not bad. There appears to be a lot of reverb in there. I’d tone that down a bit maybe. Also, you might want to get rid of the kick completely.

Yeah there’s a ton of reverb- It works for me sometimes when I listen to it and sometimes not.

the kick has been a struggle for me. I did a version without it and decided to keep it in- I’ll come back to this one and figure it out. Just needed to put something up and move on for a bit.

HAHAHAHA yes Dead Souls.

Nice one. The guitarish sounds reminds me a little of Meshuggah actually. \\m/

Thanks man- yeah it does have a little Meshuggah in there.

It really reminds me a lot of Interpol in parts, but then again, Interpol are just coke addled NY scenester Joy Division wannabees (that I always listen to =).