Braids (digital modules) issue

Hi there,

I’m posting for the first time, hope i’m on the good thread.
I got an issue on my (mutated) braids.
the OSC is changing on his own at high rate, nothing is plugged on it. the sound is indeed really distorted.

when i tried to upload a new firmware on it (in case it was a firmware issue) the @sin instead of the _rdy message indicated me there was a ‘random’ signal present in the module (still nothing plugged on it). the same signal causing the bug of osc i suppose.

i thought of a ground problem, but i think it’s not that.
BUT when I unplug the clouds, braids stop bugging. when I plug the clouds and braids together but unplug the phonogene, the bug is still there. when i unplug only the frames and let the others, it’s ok.
the consumption of the phonogene is 110ma, the clouds 130ma, the frames 120 ma.

do you think the problem is coming from those 10ma of difference ??

I’m not sure (because my configuration changed frequently) but I think it didn’t have this problem before. and if this is really a problem of comsuption it’s weird i have only this issue with the braids and nothing with other modules.

any advice or questions are very welcome !
(sorry for the bad english)

What’s the capacity of your power supply? Are you running it close to its limits?

Mutated Braids, as in a DIY build? Or alt firmware?

The only mutated braids I know of, is a custom front panel done by magpie.
Although they do offer PCBs for DIY as well, and those are not under support.

Have you checked your cables? Might be an issue with the audio cable.

So the problem seems to be with your clouds. If it are DIY builds there is no support on this forum. Go to muffwigglers DIY instead.
If your clouds is a DIY build it could be that there is a small short. It could even be working with a small short but use much more power then it is supposed to!

> do you think the problem is coming from those 10ma of difference ??

You are probably exceeding the maximum current draw of your power supply, and your supply rails are getting wobbly.

mutated braids: i was talking of this alternative firmware:

no it’s not a diy build.

i am approximately half of the capacity for +12 and -12 and only braids is taking 5v.

thanks for the reply, but after the calcul it can’t be the capacity.
and the clouds can’t the guilty alone because when i put out the frames and let the clouds the braids is alright.

it seems to be a cluedo investigation.
if my braids is factory made it’s impossible that a problem of bad consumption occurs after a while ?

It really looks like you have not enough power on your rails. Maybe there is a problem with your supply? What are you using?

i might have a problem on the supply but i don’t think it comes from the lack of capacity, it’s only at the half of what the manual says

i’m using a DIY A-100 case 6U ±1200ma

in fact i think i only see the problem with braids because it’s the one that have an interface to show it.
how can i check by another way that i have a defective power supply ?

Do you supply it with +5V (if an older version)? What’s your +5V supply?

yeah i supply it with the old mutable +5v supply, do you think it can come from that ?

I think that “latigidon” precise that if your module (“if an old version” = Braids) has been manufactured after september 2015, you don’t need “Volts” (+5V) on the rail.
Current consumption: +12V: 100mA ; -12V: 15mA.
but, if Braids has been manufactured before september 2015:
Current consumption: +12V: 15mA ; -12V: 15mA ; +5V: 85mA.

yeah I have checked that and answered in a post below, but I still can’t manage to know if it comes from a defective power supply, a problem of the braids, a problem of the little module +5v from mutable.

the bug is from the fm cv input: like a random ground noise modulating the module.
it occurs only when the supply of ±12V reaches 700ma though the nominal limit is 1200 ma.

any tips to understand more about that ?

the supply i use

> it occurs only when the supply of ±12V reaches 700ma though the nominal limit is 1200 ma.

Are you 100% sure on that?
Do you have any chances of measuring the supplies? Is there a makerspace near you, or someone who could probe the rails with a scope? A simple multimeter reading of the voltages might be helpful as well.
If you can, try the same problematic combination of modules on another supply and see if the problem is still there.

Can you give us more information about the power brick (external transformer) you use with your DIY A-100? It has to be twice the value of the ±12V current (2400mA).

> like a random ground noise modulating the module

Sure sign that one of the supply rails stops delivering a steady voltage.

yes, i have to check that asap