Braids clicking/distortion

I have two situations where Braids produces clicking/short distortions.

1. When triggering the physical modelling waveforms using the internal envelope and an external gate. I get a click at the start of the envelope like you would on some vcas when using too quick of an attack. I have tried the trig delay settings and various lengths of gate to no avail. To solve this I use an external VCA to hide the click.

2. When using the timbre cv input to scan wave tables in wave table settings. I’ve been trying to use Rene to set up consistent waveform changes over a tonal pattern but I always encounter glitching sounds when the wavetables are scanned.

I have been over the manual and the forum and haven’t found much discussion about these things. I assume this is some kind of user error and wondered if someone could help point me to a solution.


1. Check this thread. In particular, there’s a link to a very recent firmware at the end of the discussion.

2. Maybe you could post an example? Such problems typically occur because the CV source has a low slew-rate. Instead of jumping from a CV to another, it’ll rapidly scan through values between them.

See here