Braids calibrations grief

initially i thought it was my uscale, then i thought it was my hertz donut but the module that isn’t racking properly is my braids (fw 1.5) i’v been thru the calibration procedure a few times with my freshly calibrated uscale and a pressure points (i’ve got a 20k count dmm…) but it still won’t track properly across more that one octave like it’s not locked to 1v/oct or something…thoughts?

Accidently turned on the DRFT and/or FLAT option in the settings?

To be honest, i would trust a factory calibrated Braids more than any other OSC….
Check also the DLY and SIGN Option. Check if you set RANG to 440 Braids exactly outputs 440Hz

It might be that RANG is set to an unusual setting too!

Never had a problem with the tuning on the Braids, so I’d also suggest you go through all the settings and make sure nothing is interfering with the tuning.
Also did you make sure all the pots were on the suggested position and nothing was plugged into the FM CV inlet?

yeah I think it may be the range as I know that I have it set to extended. I’ll have a fiddle with it when I get home tonight. thanks for the tip!