Braids as vocoder?

So looking at the shapeshifter by intellijel, they have an audio rate modulation input that can be use to send audio into it an have it run as a vocoder. To me this sounds like a very cool option for braids, something I would love to see/hear. Would this be even possible with the hardware/software an is there any room for one more mode?

3 reasons why it won’t happen:

  • This requires an audio input. Braids doesn’t have any.
  • This requires quite a bit of CPU power. Braids doesn’t have.
  • This would take some memory for the code. Braids is almost choke-full.

Also adds depth to euro which is supposed to be pretty hands on.

Yeah I thought so… Worth asking.
I’ve got a shapeshifter, and the vocoder is cool, it’s works via audio rate modulation, so I though it could be possible. Anyway, I’m just missing my braids I sold to get the shapeshifter. Might go back to braids as I need to shrink my modular again.
Thanks for all the amazing and addictive modules

Hmmm… the Mutable Instruments Euro range IS missing any kind of FX/modulation modules, so maybe a vocoder, or something that can do vocoding is on Olivier’s to-do list…


I don’t plan to do a vocoder at the moment because for it to be worthy of Mutable Instruments quality standards, it would need a secret piece of information that I haven’t found a way of getting. It involves commercial FM broadcasts.

I can code a bank of bandpass filters and followers in an afternoon, just like everybody else, but this is not what would make a great vocoder.


Putting a boot in the mouth of the vocoder market and keeping it real :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm… Sounds interesting!

Wow, intrigued by Olivier´s comments on vocoding-MI Style.

Is this secret piece of information proprietary or is it just something not easily available?

Commercial FM broadcasting vocoder? So is this one of the phreaking modules?
Imagine accidentally finding the feature and broadcasting your modular drone around the world without ever realizing it.

@pichenettes I wonder if you mean actually picking up FM broadcasts, or using some technology that’s used in FM broadcasting. Intriguing, either way. Good to know you’ve been thinking about some kind if ‘vocoderey’ thing, anyway. Any FX that combines two input audio signals in interesting ways is good, in my book.


Olivier may be referring to the HE-AAC codec used in Digital Radio Mondiale and DAB+. Unfortunately, HE-AAC is covered by various (evil) software/algorithm patents which are valid in certain (stupid) countries, and thus needs to be licensed, and cannot be re-distributed as open-source code.

Interesting theory… I presume this software can be creatively abused to make interesting noises (can’t watch the video as I’m out of the house at the moment).