Braids as classical guitar

For a while now I have been wondering if I could use Braids in Pluck mode to do a classical guitar piece. So I stopped wondering and had a go.
It was an interesting exercise. At first I though I could just get away by using Yarns for Midi to CV and Braids. In the end I had to add Ripples, Veils and Peaks to get anywhere near the sound I wanted. Even then in some parts of the music Braids got a bit unruly and I had to tone it down by using EQ in my DAW. I also added a bit of reverb also in the DAW ( could have used Clouds but wasnt sure I would be able to get the level of control I wanted)

Anyway here is my rendition of Canarios by Gaspar Sanz. Profound apologies to all lovers of classical Spanish guitar music everywhere


I wonder how elements or rings would sound in such an application.

I did think about using Rings but as I am still finding my way round Rings didnt try it.

It does sound really interesting. Not exactly a guitar, but certainly close enough to a string instrument…

I agree V’cent it definitely is not a guitar but some strange mutant stringed instrument.

I found that I could get some notes very close to a guitar sound, but move a few notes up or down the scale and the sound was different. I had to constantly adjust the Timbre control over a wide range as well as tweak the Color control just to keep it sounding nearly guitary.

This thru 2x Yarns, 6 x Rings in poly mode would make it killer haha.

Mono is okay for picking, but being monophonic it won’t be much good for chords.

Makes sense you had to alter the parameters as you went up and down, not altering them would have the same effect as using a single sample of an instrument and pitching it up and down the whole keyboard.

I have a banjo uke made in 1923 - it sounds very similar!