Braids and Disting mk4

I am a bit trouble to get sound out of my braids, I do get a long soundwave but I would like to have a sequencer to trigger the thing.

My setup, I have Beatstep One I have a disting mk4 and a braids.

I use algorhythm F4 which is a VCA.

But I havent got a clue how to connect the whole thing.

Can someone point me to a place for some basics perhaps? Or show me what to do? I would be very gratefull.

Also have a beatstep pro but its connected to other stuff atm so I thought the beatstep one could serve the purpose for now.

I think the disting in VCA mode is probably unnecessary as Braids includes a VCA with a simple envelope. Check out this video tutorial for a quick overview of how to access those features and several others.

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Option 1: Enable Braids’ VCA (the |\VCA setting), and patch the trigger output of your sequencer to Braids TRIG input.

Option 2: (the most correct one, because it’ll work with any oscillator other than Braids). Patch the trigger output of your sequencer to an envelope generator. Patch the CV output of the envelope generator to the control input of the VCA. Patch Braids’ output to the audio input of the VCA.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

So now finally I have some sort of bleep. But I only get like a trigger impulse when in the settings I go to the almost last setting which displays 0000

I can not hear this impulse when I put Braids on a normal preset.

I have now triggered from my beatstep as wel as from my TB03 >>>gate output to trigger in and the cv output i have connected v/oct.

Also I have ordered a envelope generator…