Braids and clouds, low output levels?

I’ve got very low levels running out of my modular. When I run straight from braids or clouds into my headphone, the levels are fine. But when I run into my behringer mixer, I need to turn gain all the way up and I still can barely hear it. Other equipment works fine in the same channels on the mixer, and the cable works fine with other synths. Any ideas what could be wrong?

What kind of cable are you using?

I had similar issues with some other gear. I was feeding a synth with an unbalanced output into my mixer with a long stereo cable. The sound was faint and dull and very quiet. Turned out the issue was the stereo cable. The tip and sleeve were connected when the jack is inserted into the synths output. However, the ring was not connected and floating. Over the length of the cable it picked up the hot signal from the tip. When both were subtracted in the balanced input stage of my mixer, they effectively canceled out.

Long story short: if the signal is unbalanced, use a mono cable. Or at least make sure that the ring is shorted to ground by having a mono cable somewhere in the signal path

Maybe that is what you’re experiencing here as well?