Braids and beatstep pro problem

Hi, I have been having issues with my braids module. I hooked up my beatstep sequencer from the pitch output to the braids V/OCT input and jammed for a couple minutes until suddenly the sound fell out. The module works, I can browse through the setting but there is no sound. After restarting, nothing happened, but after a longer period of time being turned off, once turning it on again the module outputs sound. I rather didnt hook the beatstep with it and its been working for quite some time so I guess the problem is with the CV from the beatstep it doesnt like. Could anyone please help me on how to solve this since the beatstep is my only sequencer?

Braids doesn’t have any peculiar tastes in terms of CVs. I suspect this is something else, maybe a wonky power cable (if the -12V supply is missing, the module appears to power on normally but doesn’t produce sound).

The problem is it works for a while and then stops producing sound. I an triggering it directly from the beatstep, could it be Im not using a VCA and enevelope?

No, there shouldn’t be any problem doing that…

Do you have any other modules to which you could mult the trigger signal, so you can see if it disappears from the Beatstep?

I dont unfortunately, but I would expect the module to output a constant sound according to the wave setting when its not triggered, right? After restarting the case immediately the module still doesn’t output anything, but after a longer period of time off it wakes up again (the sound, the display is on in all these cases). And once it wakes up it works for maybe 10 minutes and stops emitting sound again.

Is the internal VCA enabled? In that case, the module only outputs sound when it receives a trigger on its TRIG input.

If the internal VCA if disabled, the module produces sound continuously, just as you expect.

The problem though is that the module stops outputing sound after 10 minutes on its own. I tried to replace the 16pin cable but it had no effect.

Does the same thing happen when it is not connected to the Beatstep?

So I tried it with a MN rene sequencer and it runs. I am confused why the beatstep would be a problem for the module…

Have you tried triggering other modules with the Beatstep’s output? Maybe a defective gate/trigger output jack?