Braids always starts up in Bell mode

I have noticed over the last month or so that my Braids on power up always goes to Bell mode. Ever thing else is working OK. I am running the 1.8 version of the firmware since it was released.

Its never really bothered me as my patches tend not to stay in place for very long but recently I have been working on the same patch for a while and having something extra to check at the beginning of a session is start to wear a little thin now.

Do I need to reloaded the firmware? Or is there something else amiss?

If you change the model (eg. you go choose CSAW) then go into the menu (press the encoder) and then out of it again, will it still boot in Bell mode?
The chosen model is saved when exiting the menu i.e. when you choose “WAVE” and hence go back to the model selection mode.

See this part in the manual for further info:

A: LED display and rotary encoder. When the module starts, the LED display shows the name of the active synthesis model, and the encoder can be used to select a model. Click the encoder to display a list of additional settings and options. Click the encoder to select an option and modify its value. Once the value has been modified to your liking, click the encoder to get back to the list of options. Selecting the first option (“WAVE”), saves to memory the current setup and brings you back in model selection mode.

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It happened to me as well. I always cycle my braids out of and back into the menu before I switch the rack off. I plan to implement a timer that automatically saves the settings after a few seconds of inactivity. Haven’t got around to actually do it yet…

Many thanks that worked.

I guess I haven’t been playing around in the guts of Braids as much as I used too.

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Yeah it’s one of those things that are easily overlooked in the manual. I was totally confused by it at the beginning as well.