Braids 5U clone

This is my last build for this year :

The building is in accordance with the original drawings but with some modifications :

  • adding MAX3232 with a DB9 connector for burning the firmware

  • using a OPA4342 instead of AD8534

  • adding 78L12/79L12/78L33 to be compliant with +15/-15 supply

And the major change is the using for the display - and for fun - IV-17 Nixie tube from old CCCP.

The PCB on the top are driving tube without any firmware change.
The most difficult thing is to provide the high voltage supply (84V!) by a pump charge from 12V,
my design is is largely based on this schematic .

No time for moment to do a video demo, but will leave it with the MicroBrute forge their friendship…

Once again, thank you Olivier for your awesome designs!


wow. amazing.

wuuuut! Bootiful! Make me one :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw this on Matrixsynth earlier. I want a Braids with tubes too.

You Sire, are crazy!

A true fruit of open source.


It is a complete parallel hardware implementation, not just a re-skinned MI Eurorack module!

@nicoo: Can you share with us more details of your implementation - not the panel and utracool Nixies, but details of how you went about implementing the published Braids circuits?

this is insane


I think I need to change my diaper.

;)) thanks for your comments

@BennelongBicyclist :
with Eagle is quite easy to change a schematic implementation :

  • rip-up/undraw all the wire

  • on the schematic replace jack and pot by header

  • change the package of all non-dip component

  • for the STM32 or the DAC, export the component to a library and create a new package with support’s footprint

  • check that all components are on the same layer

  • Route

Lovely. We badly need some HD video of those nixie tubes though. :slight_smile:

This is so insane, it nearly makes me think about 5U….

Awesome in every way.

stunning work @nicoo! i assume the tubes are really useful to warm up your apartment as well.

is it an ikea rack behind the microbrute?