Braids 100% through-hole and 12 bits adaptation

He guys and girls, I made this project for the fun mostly in 2018. I had time this Christmas holidays to publish the files and documentation.

Braids through-hole is a 12 bits through-hole adaptation of the iconic Mutable Instruments Braids digital oscillator. It’s a 100% non-commercial effort developed purely for the fun. In 2017-2016 I worked a lot with the “Blue Pill” a small STM32F103C8T6 dev board. I noticed that 100% of the boards from a specific Aliexpress seller had enough program space to fit the Braids firmware and so it began.

Please note this is working but still a work in progress, I’d love to hear your feedback after you built one unit so I can improve the files.

There is the link to the project:
Github fork coming when I have some time left.


Looks great! The use of a through-hole 12-bit DAC is a smart idea :slight_smile: With all these through-hole components and a lo-fi DAC it must sound so vintage! :smiley:


Yeah it’s totally warm and crunchy :joy:

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