Bought an Anushri second hand, want to check if these behaviors are normal

Recently got an Anushri from somebody on Ebay. Really like the synth, but there seem to be a few quirks that I just want to check whether its part of the package or something that should be fixed.

1. When the output volume is around noon, there is bleed from the DCO into the output mixer which seems to bypass the filter. If a long release time and a low filter cutoff are used, even if the DCO is not active in the signal path, you can hear the signal persist for some time faintly after the VCO has gone quiet.

2. When the output volume is maxed out, there is no DCO bleed, but there seems to be bleed from the clock pulses. There’s a beating sound that you can control with the master tempo setting.

3. When trying to mute the oscillators for external signal processing, the sync + low VCO pitch trick only seems to work when the VCO is set to 100% square/pulse wave. The sawtooth wave does not get muted.

Thanks in advance for any help!

1. 2. Yes - this can be partly solved by using the separate drum output (anything digital coming from the CPU is noisy - drums and DCO).

3. Yes, this is normal - the trick is to use sync so that the square wave is reset before it can reach the point where it switches polarity - the result is that the signal stays flat. With a sawtooth wave, you get the beginning of a ramp and boom, a reset - it still sounds like a sawtooth wave, but with a lower amplitude.

Thanks Olivier!