Bought a Kronos -- Should I sell the other stuff?

…well not all (holding on to my Shruthis, Ambikas and Anushri, that’s for sure).

I have just ordered a Kronos 88. This thing has so many synth engines in it that it can replace everything else I have.

My digital piano is definitely leaving. It’s a Roland RD-150, which served me very very well for fifteen years, but it does not hold a lot of nostalgic value.
The Kronos’ pianos are a LOT better, and the keyboard is on par.

I think my Use Audio Plugiator is leaving as well. It has great Minimoog, Odyssey and Prophet-12 emulations but I hardly ever use it. Editing it is a pain.

The hardware I am really thinking hard about is:

My Wavestation keyboard (upgraded to EX). The Kronos has the same sound engine, much improved and with resonant filters (if digital). I can’t come up with many reasons for keeping this one, except for nostalgic value. I love that board’s sound to pieces.

My DSS-1 (Straylight). Yes, it has analog filters and it sounds awesome. But the Kronos’s filters sound great too, and it has gigabytes of sampling memory.

What do you guys think?

Price on the Plugiator and the DSS please. :slight_smile:

Nonono… I’m asking should I sell them, not if anyone wants to buy them… that comes later, and in another section :wink:

In that case, keep the DSS. :wink:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if my Wavestation had resonant filters, I’d still have it.

Exactly… I made do with tunneling my WS through a Shruthi, which sounds awesome but is paraphonic. The Kronos’ HD1 sound engine is basically an extended WS with resonant filters. That thing is the bee’s knees.