Bottom row of voice cards have Orange LEDs, but no Green LEDs lit


I powered up my ambika after testing the power and testing with one voice. That all worked wonderfully, so I put in all the voice cards, and re-initialized.
Voice 1 is 1, 3 5, and VOice 2 is 2,4,6. All of my voice cards have their orange LEDs lit nice and healthy, but I only have green “note on” leds lighting on the upper row (closest to Ambika mobo) working. The bottom voices are all set to B, as they should, but I only have three notes of polyphony right now.

Any hints?

You have the answer in your question:

“Voice 1 is 1, 3, 5, and Voice 2 is 2,4,6”

I assume you meant “part” instead of voice… So the synth is configured for one 3-voice part listening on channel 1 and one 3-voice part listening on channel 2.

To get 6-voice polyphony, assign 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to part 1.

Thank you! I knew I had something confused there. Looks like I’m almost 100%, just need to get the right 4050 chip for the SD card (I put a cd in on accident) and figure out why voice six is so quiet… Otherwise, I’m not missing my Juno one bit!