Boss PH-2 Ooops

I’ve accidentally won another Boss PH-2 on eBay. Anyone want to buy it off me?


how much is it?

yo alex, id take the other half :wink:

Does it come with the chip desoldered already? :slight_smile:

What Chip? I want to have the potknobs!

Im interested! (And you have a package to send me anyway, so… :stuck_out_tongue: )
I need the desoldering practice… Plus my IR3109 didn’t arrive yet, and im getting impatient. I don’t mind breaking it for the good of our lil community either :slight_smile:


sorry for the delay guys.
Well… the Phaser hasn’t arrived yet, and with the series of public holidays here over the next week, it might take a while.
fcd72, I have the 4 knobs from the previous PH-2 here for you, which I’ll post to you later in the week.
I paid £40 for it, plus £6 postage. I don’t want to make a profit, but I’d like to more-or-less break even. I don’t mind disassembling it and sending different bits to different places, as long as I don’t loose out too much on postage, but I don’t want to get into desoldering again.

Anyone still interested? I hear the IR3109 boards are all sold out now, so if you don’t have one already, you might not be able to get hold of one.


So £46? If it’s a working one, then i’ll have it :slight_smile: That said, rosch did enquire first… I don’t wanna tread on any toes here!

If alls good then we can work out shipping with the coloured case when it arrives… Also, where in London are you? Im in North London/South Herts.
You’ll likely want to shoot me an email at some point, so… luapy AT mac DOT com


You’re right Luap, rosch did get in there first. Let’s see what he says about £46 + postage, shall we?
I’m in SE London (Honor Oak Park) :slight_smile:


fcd72 said he has the opportunity to buy one (PH) and is going to share the second chip with me.
so it looks like i’m out of the game!

Cool, it’s all yours, in that case, Luap. Will let you know when it arrives.


OK, my extra PH-2 arrived this morning. This on is pretty battered-looking, and has had an extra-large LED retrofitted instead of the standard on. I don’t have a power-supply or 9V battery to test it here at work, but I’m assuming it’s operational.


It’s here and working good.
Although to my ears, it doesn’t sound particularly special, so it’s definitely ripe for harvesting!

Having a bit of a poke around in there shows it contains several parts worth keeping. Many will be of interest to x0xb0x builders.

2 X IR3109 (Of course)
3 X 2SK30AY
2 X 2SC945P
5 X IR9022

And plenty of period caps etc that might also be good in x0xb0xes.

Synth repair shops and parts dealers must love these things…