Boss DD-500

Seems Boss just announced quite a powerful delay.

Was about to pull the trigger on the highly praised and desirable Strymon Timeline, but it seems it would be wise to wait now.

What with the announced $299 price vs $449 for the Timeline.

Anyone care to convince me otherwise?

You can probably pick up a used Timeline for that :smiley: At least a timefactor. Im not really a fan of the boss modern delays, but it will be cool if the vintage setting sounds like on their old 12bit boxes.

It has a looper too. MIDI and USB.

Hard to find used timelines below 400 I fear , because they are amazing!

I just bought El Capistan instead.

This pedal has character!

I might also get the timeline later on when I can see reviews or test the dd-500 myself.

love my El Capistan.

I Find roland does something weird with the gain stage on ALL their stuff (maybe to make it “Loud” in the shops)… I had the RE20 and the distortion from the gain was unusable for me. (interface was great though). The System 1 is a nice emulation of their old synths but even on the sotware versions if you put the volume more than half way they start to saturate (same as the hardware). it’s a really strange was to go about things lowering the headroom like that.



I succumbed to an Eventide H9. Which being a guitar pedal primarily (although it has synth and bass input options) made me think “hmm, I’ll learn guitar” and so I am.

I almost got an h9, but the whole lack of knob per function and having to use an ios device to manage stuff kinda turned me off. For the price of an h9 max, id rather have the suite of a timefactor, pitch and mod.

You can use Windows, OSX to manage it. It has MIDI so a MIDI controller can be used too.

this is actually a really nice delay pedal too (soundwise…build quality is not amazing…but im not actually stomping on it)



> You can use Windows, OSX to manage it. It has MIDI so a MIDI controller can be used too.

Id still prefer having knobs on the unit :smiley:

There’s an expression pedal port which is effectively a CV input (just don’t go too high with the volts).

But it is ultimately a guitar pedal, so it makes little sense to have a load of knobs on the front. Given this fact they have been quite flexible in allowing MIDI control, bluetooth etc.

The FX algorithms are very high end stuff, the sort of things only stadium bands would have had access to years ago. A studio rackmount of theirs will cost £3000+

If im getting up there in price, id started looking at the eclipse, and then upward and onwards:D

Im very happy using the timefactor as a desktop device with the knobs. I dont even run guitars through it.