Boot problem / Led 8 on [SOLVED]


I just assembled Shruthi-1 kit and made a first test before soldering LCD. When I connect filter board (or +5V) only led 8 turns on. I tested all leds and they were ok, triple checked chip orientations etc. Encoder or switch buttons don’t light up any led patterns.

I wonder if someone has solved same problem earlier? Could it be avr (didn’t flash it, I assumed it came pre-programmed)?


This problem has already occurred to someone who had swapped the two 74xxx chips on the digital board. Check that first!

The MCU is pre-programmed. A faulty MCU (damaged by a static discharge - this already happened to a couple of people) usually causes random LED patterns at boot.

You got second 74xxx swapper here :wink:

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Does anyone need a couple of 74xxx chips? These are like new, not pulled:


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Whats the PinOut?

add a third 74xxx swapper, donut

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