Boost transmission of wireless digital headphones? any radio people here?

I wonder of anybody around here has knowledge of radio stuf…
I’m using Amphony digital headphones in a performance and i need to boost the transmitter because the headphones don’t have enough range.
Are there any tricks to try? This is the transmitter i’m using

any help is greatly appreciated…

Look here for stronger HF amplifiers

Ok i thought i needed a bigger antenna!

The antenna on RF stuff is usually closely matched to the output, so changing it for a huge antenna might make it work even worse… Your best bet is probably using a extension cord (male jack > female jack, or male jack> male jack -> device), and placing the transmitter closer to the person needing to hear it… (If they move around a lot, figure out the center point of their movement… )

Everybody is moving around and i am the centre point… :slight_smile: i’m almost wearing the transmitter on my head.
Yes i thought that antennas are specially matched but didn’t know for sure. But i did try extending the antenna. I didn’t seem to get worse. I’m still doubting if it actually is any better.
I think i’ll have to get a new set of wireless headphones… better ones.

Your transmitter does not really seem to be designed for live use but rather for a home setting, which is a totally different thing, with probably more focus on getting all 7.1 channels through over a shorter distance rather than pushing two channels through a cloud of RFI interference. Even if you use it with headphones rather than in-ears I think you should look at the tx/rx set for an in-ear monitoring setup. They are almost without exception horribly expensive though, which is why I still use wedge monitors when I perform on bass.

Usable in-ear solutions start at 400-500€, the stuff below this price is unfortunately questionable.

You could also look around, see if there’s a RF repeater for you frequency… Probably not, but might be… Or you know, get some better headphones, with more range … Mhmm… New cans… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to use proper pro audio diversity units… but i need 15 of them! That would set me back around 5000. But i’d love to have those once… I’m going to look into a raspberry->wifi->raspberry audio setup for another project later this year.

WT (Geschlechtsverkehr) do you need 15 InEar Monitors for? Usually Choirs dont use personal Monitoring . . .
Besides this, i doubt your Amphodingens will work properly when you cram 15 of them in a single Venue, even with decent Wireless Monitoring Aplliances 15 (which makes 30 Channels) Units will be hard to get to work reliable - i guess nightworxx can give you a bit deeper insight on this.
Closing the Circle to my posting above: the last Open Air i attended looked a bit like HAARP to get all those wreless Mics, Guitars, Monitors to work - on each side of the Stage there were 4 directional Antennas…