Boomstar Gear

Have you guys seen these?

makes the Shruthis look a lot more appealing $$$$ wise

I thought so too. Seemed a bit dumb to make different versions for different filters instead of one box with optional filters. Wait, that sounds familiar.

Exactly , for the price they are asking , a pack of 1 device and 4 optional circuits would have been a lot cooler IMO maybe charge 1099 for the lot, but a separate box for each, ouchie!

I guess this is subjective to some extent, but I wasn’t really impressed with the sound either… and certainly not the price. When you see the quality and features of something like Ambika as a standard it gets hard to justify some boutique items and their hefty pricetags.

Splinter of an observation:

selling a VCO without any TempCo for Twice the Shruthis Price is to fund the Boutique Shop Owners Porsche 928 . . . .

Yes, too expensive. There were some nice sounds in the demo though. :slight_smile:

I’m going to disagree with most of you here.
The demos weren’t all very tasteful but if you find some of the namm vids with the 3003 and the 4075, you can hear they sound absolutely awesome.
Also they have A LOT of features packed in a small analog synth - compare to a Doepfer DE, you get at least twice the synth for about twice the price, and that’s not even taking the sound quality into account - so looks fair to me.

I love the Shruthi but this is a completely different type of sound that shruthi is never going to give.

@fcd72 : where does that pic come from ? I can barely see anything on there.
In any case, Studio Electronics has been making synths long enough that I am ready to believe they know what they’re doing and are not going to release a synth that doesn’t stay in tune.

Its from an German Boutique Modular Manufacturer. You can’t see anything because there isn’t anything on the board, just a CA3046, two TL074 and some caps and passives. Theres an addition so it can output so exotic waveforms like Sine and Triangle the has another TL074 and a bunch of small parts, together for the VCO and Extension as a Kit they Charge 102€. No Tempco.

The owner of this shop drives a Porsche 928.

Guess why.

@lysander: I agree, you cannot compare this to a Shruthi, its completely different. For about the same price I’d likely go for this though:

@fcd72 - gotcha, yeah that really sucks - but I think it’s a bit unfair / misleading to put this as an example in the thread on Studio Electronics - they are not like that at all.

@flip : to each his own I suppose. I really wanted to like the Dominion, and in fact I think it’s an awesome synth for the price. I was tempted to buy one last year, but after listening to dozens of demos, my conclusion wast that I do not like its sound at all.
Whereas after listening to all the Boomstar demos, I am completely sold on the sound of the 4075 - really juicy and versatile.

If found 3003 demo really dull, but yes, on the contrary the 4075 has quite awesome sounds !

@fcd72 : Funny… I was looking at the D****** website yesterday, and saw that. I though “hey that’s not too pricey for a modular kit… but… that’s almost the price of a full shruthi kit”.

wow that 4075 does sound cool!

very nice euphemism there, fcd72, a “kit” which means in Porsche owners terms a stuffed prefab pcb where you only have to add the jacks and that’s it. some, probably the people who bought it, call that DIY.
(and C…'s sounds aren’t convincing too)

@fcd72 : To be fair, it is possible to make a very stable VCO without a tempco by using part of the 3046 as a thermal sensor and heater, which is regulated by an external comparator-this is what happens with Brand D’s A-110. Not sure if that is happening in Brand C’s case, as unlike the A-110 there is no schematic available for download (and looks like they are using fake CA3046s as well-white IC printing on a 1999 chip doesn’t add up, neither does that wonky Harris logo). It would cost much, much less than 30E to add a tempco to Brand D’s “kit” yourself as well, even a premium quality PT146 platinum tempco…

I’m tempted to just get one and reverse engineer it :wink: