Bolts to assemble the enclosure + hex bolts for the boards

what screws/bolts sizes are required for the mutable designed shruthi cases?

also, what size hex bolts should i be looking for to bolt the control board to the filter board?

thanks. :slight_smile:

  • 20mm spacers x 6
  • M3 nut x 12 (6 between the boards and 6 between the board and the bottom of the case)
  • 15 or 20 mm M3 screw x 6 (bottom) ; 6, 10 or 12mm M3 screw x 6 (top)
  • (M3 nut + 12mm M3 screw) x 8 for the case


You can also have a look at step 14 of the assembly instructions to get a picture of the sandwich

Start by screwing the filter board to the enclosure and build up from there.

double cheers!