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None of the connectors in the BOM for the SMR-4 board seem to match the ones that came with my Shruthi-1 kit for connecting 1 board to the other. I ordered the Digi-Key one listed
and the pins appear to be too short to work (and definitely much shorter than the ones that came with my Shruthi kit).

The Farnell
and Reichelt;ACTION=444;LA=444;GROUPID=319;PROFID=3221;SEARCH=BL+1X20G8+;SID=28rp47rawQARwAAB7TZDod884e8cf7e6a7f25a6b809a1c8be1669
ones look similarly short.

Anyone got a source for the correct, long-pinned ones?


The Reichelt part works, although i would not call it RoadSavy…

Thanks fcd72. I wonder where pichenettes got the kit ones from though. They work perfectly…


The place where I get them from has a MOQ of 1000 :slight_smile:

But you can find the exact same part at Sparkfun or Coolcomponents - they call it an Arduino shield header

Ah, thanks pichenettes. I’ll get some from there.